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Beekeeping Articles

What in the BEE WORLD?

Heard the expression ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’? Here is a picture (SEE BELOW)  that may be worth a thousand questions. Photo from web source Pinterest (and most recently seen in Cowlitz WA Beekeeping newsletter). To begin with Why? Why two levels? What is problem this is attempting to solve? How does the… Read more about What in the BEE WORLD?

Organic Grant initiative on Bee Health

Publicity about the ‘plight’ of honey bees have been a ”key” to freeing of federal grant monies for beekeeping research/extension. Coining of the term CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) in 2006 and Time Magazine cover “Plight of the Honeybees,” 2013 [Time labelled the situation Bee Apocalyse] helped “others” to see the seriousness of our colony loss… Read more about Organic Grant initiative on Bee Health

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