June in the Northwest Apiary

With the blackberry in bloom and the honey supers on, try not to bother the hives to much.  Just make sure the hives are queen right and they are not going to swarm.  If you see eggs, you have a queen.  Check for swarm cells.  Swarming should taper off as the month advances. For those… Read more about June in the Northwest Apiary

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Beekeeping Articles

Mite-a-Thon Sept 9-16

The “new” beekeeping calls for the need to sample bees in August, September and October to see how they are doing at keeping varroa mite populations in check. If mite numbers exceed 2-3%, it is suggested that due to risk of  poor overwintering of the colony, colony loss (to BEE PMS) overwinter or the chance… Read more about Mite-a-Thon Sept 9-16

Winter loss report WVBA

At the March and April WVBA meetings, I distributed paper copies and directed members to a web-based colony loss survey, a continuing effort to define overwintering success of backyard beekeepers in Oregon. This was the 9th year of such survey activity. I received 282 responses from OR backyarders, keeping anywhere from 1 to 48 colonies;… Read more about Winter loss report WVBA

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