Spring seems a long way off, however it will get here and will you be ready?  If you need bees this spring, now is a good time to get those ordered.  If you are going to order bees from California, you need to get your order in and pay your deposit.  Several beekeepers in our area sell packages or nucleus hives (nucs).  Most of them don’t require a deposit, because if you don’t buy them someone else will;  give them your name and information.

It’s a great time to assemble beekeeping equipment.  If you are new and haven’t had bees before, it would be best to wait until after you have attended a bee school or at least read up on the subject of honeybees.  When it comes to bee equipment, there is some things that you must have, some things that would be nice to have, and some things you just don’t need.  There is no use wasting good money on things you don’t need.  Especially when even the local livestock feed stores are selling bee equipment.

Take a look at the seed catalogs and plan some plantings for the bees.  Think about planting some blooming trees that the bees can benefit from.

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