GOOD NEWS from OSU Bee Lab

The Oregon Master Beekeeper Program is the winner of the 2015 OSU Search for Excellence award! The OSUEA Search for Excellence program recognizes an outstanding Extension education effort, demonstrating innovation and impact. Applications for both team and individual success stores are considered in … Read more about GOOD NEWS from OSU Bee Lab

Good Record Keeping this Fall

In 2015, I surveyed 250 OR backyarder beekeepers during April seeking answers to questions about overwintering losses, colony feeding, sanitation and varroa control efforts (2015 survey questions posted on website Loss levels you reported were 27% for both 8-and … Read more about Good Record Keeping this Fall

Feeding Fall Colonies

     Feeding bees in the fall is unquestionably a way to make the  difference whether a colony survives overwinter or not. When colonies are light on food stores, feeding a heavy sugar syrup or not extracting capped honey can improve winter survival. It is the best management option to insure the … Read more about Feeding Fall Colonies

A Year for Swarms

This has been the spring to start colonies by hiving a swarm. The mild winter meant fewer overwintering losses (see results for WVBA backyard beekeepers posted here and on together with our mild spring, providing abundant pollen and nectar foraging conditions, has resulted … Read more about A Year for Swarms

WVBA Winter losses

At the March and April WVBA meetings I distributed paper copies and directed members to a web-based survey document as a continuing effort to define overwintering success. This was the 7th year of such survey activity. I received 230 responses from OR backyarders, keeping anywhere from 1 to 50 … Read more about WVBA Winter losses

The Beeman Ag in the Classroom

At April WVBA meeting I challenged beekeepers to join the 2015 AG IN THE CLASSROOM (AITC) Literacy Project designed to help better improve literacy of Kindergarten through 6th grade students along with their knowledge of agriculture. Oregon is generating a buzz this year by offering as a component … Read more about The Beeman Ag in the Classroom

Keeping Better Records

Knowing your bees is part of having a successful and satisfying beekeeping experience. Is this the season to do something about improving colony records? Or will you continue to use the ‘brick’ method? Hivetracks is a better way to keep hive/apiary records. And Hive Tracks is launching a series of … Read more about Keeping Better Records