Some holiday reading

One of the books I took to Bolivia to catch up on my reading was Bernd Heinrich’s newest The Homing Instinct, his 16th book; I professionally reviewed his Bumble Economics book several years ago. The book was a gift from my beekeeper hosts when I talked to the Maine beekeepers in … Read more about Some holiday reading

Feeding and Treating WVBA Bees

At September WVBA meeting I discussed feeding and treating as a follow up to Rich’s comments at August meeting on fall preparations. Not all beekeepers want to feed and fewer care to treat. The risk of not doing either is a colony that may not survive winter. If bees are natural and wild animals … Read more about Feeding and Treating WVBA Bees

August is for Mite monitoring

August is not a month for much bee work. It is too hot and colonies can be a bit testy. Keep water nearby and give them some supplemental shade in the afternoon if you are concerned. August however is for mite monitoring -  the month to determine how the bees are doing with keeping a lid on varroa … Read more about August is for Mite monitoring