A Note From the President

  Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association - ESTABLISHED in 1967 I wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Happy New Year!  I wish you an old-fashioned Christmas; the kind where concerns are simple, feelings sincere, and the greatest gift of all is peace and … Read more about A Note From the President

Some holiday reading

One of the books I took to Bolivia to catch up on my reading was Bernd Heinrich’s newest The Homing Instinct, his 16th book; I professionally reviewed his Bumble Economics book several years ago. The book was a gift from my beekeeper hosts when I talked to the Maine beekeepers in … Read more about Some holiday reading

A Note from the President

We have been fortunate that it has been a warm fall.  Or are we fortunate?  How much of their stores or feed have the bees eaten?  It seems like it has been a long and dry summer.  Our tasks in the bee hive are fewer, so now is the time to get signed up for Oregon State Beekeepers Association's Fall … Read more about A Note from the President

Feeding and Treating WVBA Bees

At September WVBA meeting I discussed feeding and treating as a follow up to Rich’s comments at August meeting on fall preparations. Not all beekeepers want to feed and fewer care to treat. The risk of not doing either is a colony that may not survive winter. If bees are natural and wild animals … Read more about Feeding and Treating WVBA Bees

WVBA Library Memo

All books and DVD's currently owned by WVBA are listed under the Library tab with a brief description and picture. If anyone wishes to check out the books, please call Debbie Blando (503) 302- 2944. They will be brought to the next meeting.  Please note all library materials checked out should be … Read more about WVBA Library Memo

A Note from the President

SEPTEMBER IS NATIONAL HONEY MONTH!  Honey.  What is honey?  The New World Dictionary of the American Language says it's a thick, sweet, syrupy substance that bees make as food from the nectar of flowers and store in honeycombs.  Honey is certainly nature's delicacy.  It is the only sweetener that is … Read more about A Note from the President

August is for Mite monitoring

August is not a month for much bee work. It is too hot and colonies can be a bit testy. Keep water nearby and give them some supplemental shade in the afternoon if you are concerned. August however is for mite monitoring -  the month to determine how the bees are doing with keeping a lid on varroa … Read more about August is for Mite monitoring

A Note from the President

  We had a great picnic this year at the OSU Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture.  It was a warm day, however we had plenty of shade and  a nice breeze at times.  It was a nice time to get together with other beekeepers and tell some big stories.  We did get the chance to learn about … Read more about A Note from the President

A Note from the President

The website is up and going thanks to Erin Olmon. SO MANY THANKS to Erin. She is a gracious lady who volunteered her time to design our website for free. Our THANKS to Trevor Riches for all the meetings and time he put into the site. Thank you also to the board, Bunny, Patricia, and Emily. We … Read more about A Note from the President