SWARMING Problems from swarming Reduces the worker force Hive that swarms may not make any surplus honey Sometimes the swarm is not recovered Valuable queens can be lost There may be after-swarms which further reduces the worker force Factors that may lead to swarming … Read more about Swarming

Swarm Control

If you think of your hive as having three parts, swarm control will involve separating one of these three parts from the other two. The three parts are:  1) Queen 2)  Brood and Nurse Bees 3)  Flying Force To separate the Queen:  Make a nucleus to separate the Queen from the parent colony … Read more about Swarm Control


On our June 22nd meeting we will be meeting in BUILDING 9  ROOM 111.  We are still at Chemeketa Community College. Drive into the main entrance of the college (Lancaster Drive).  Park in the GREEN lot.  Building 9 is in front of you just to the right of Building 1. campusmap2015 … Read more about BUILDING CHANGE