Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2020


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Rich Farrier. He met with the new person at the college who organizes the room availability, parking passes, and our favorite, the registration forms. We are on this new person’s list to receive the forms and passes ahead of time so Rich can copy them in time for meetings.

Thank you to Teri for regularly bringing refreshments. There is a donation jar on the table which helps to defray the expenses involved. Members are always welcome to contribute eatables to the snack table as well.

There is free sugar for the bees available to members only from Meduri Farms. Please contact Debbie by email: daubie4u@yahoo.com or phone 503-302-2944. Debbie is also the librarian; use this contact information to request books. Debbie will bring them to the next meeting. A list of the library books available is on the WVBA website, wvbahive.org.

Bee school 2020 is finished. It went well for the 23 or so people who were able to attend.

Rich passed around a stack of reduced rate coupons for American Bee Journal. We strongly suggest that members subscribe to this one or Bee Culture, or Beekeeping the First Three Years.

Elysie Lynch is getting out of beekeeping and has 8-frame equipment for sale. Please call her if interested 503-743-4448.

News Item 1: HopGuard II has been renamed HopGuard III. I’ve included the EPA Pesticide Labeling and Formulation Amendment letter in addition to the directions for use.

News Item 2: Fumadil B, a treatment for Nosema, is back. Mann Lake is selling it for $29.95 for a 25gram bottle.

News Item 3The USDA-ARS opened a honey bee lab at UC Davis. This honey bee research lab is the newest of five USDA bee research labs and it is the only one in California.

News Item 4: This is from Bee Culture’s Catch the Buzz on January 31, 2020. “Bacteria Engineered to Protect Bees”. “Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin report in the journal Science that they have developed a new strategy to protect honey bees from a deadly trend known as colony collapse: genetically engineered strains of bacteria.” Read the article for more details.

Community Service Opportunity: On Wednesday, April 22, an Earth Day event is to be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Pringle Hall at the Salem Community Center. The topic this year is Save the Pollinators. Consequently, the organizers have requested WVBA members to set up a booth and provide a speaker. Several people were interested. Contact Rich Farrier for more details rfarrierfarms@gmail.com.

News Item 5: Lane County beekeeper, Max Coon made 2 queen confinement cages which are used to confine the queen to provide a brood break and thus a chance to knock down Varroa. They will be part of the library for members to examine in order to make their own if they so desire.

Swarm Season will soon be upon us! Consequently, the swarm sign-up list was passed around the room. This is an opportunity for members to be listed on the website as beekeepers willing to remove swarms and or perform cut-outs. Members were advised to ask lots of questions and to request photos. The club also has swarm cards which are designed to be placed on community bulletin boards.

Jeremy from Flying Bee Ranch is an authorized Mann Lake dealer. Whatever is offered in the catalog, he either has on hand or will order for the customer. They also have nucs available. Their honey tasting and sales room is open Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00- 5:00. The address is 5180 Lardon Rd. NE, Salem.

One member is using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic to make his mite trays instead of Cortex, which as we all know, warps which makes it much less helpful. Anyway, Randy Oliver from Scientific Beekeeping also uses this product.

Our speaker for the evening was John Edwards from Hive and Garden Bee Supply, (formerly Ruhl Bee).  He brought samples of his newest hive covers. He is using the sort of material that the highway department uses to make road sign. It has a plastic core sandwiched between to sheets of aluminum. The hive covers had people oohing and aaahing. His topic was moisture management in the hive which generated plenty of questions.

We had a raffle then meeting adjourned about 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,

February 29, 2020

Anna Ashby, Secretary