Willamette Valley beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2020

The meeting was opened at 7:02 by President Richard Farrier. He thanked Terry, Mona, and Laura, for gathering the necessary supplies and food for the pizza party. Thank you also to those who brought additional food.

For some unknown reason we did not have registration forms to fill out for this meeting. They are sure to be back in time for the next meeting. The college allows us free use of the room, so filling out the forms is the least we can do.

Bee School 2020: The dates are, Thursday, February 13th, Tuesday, February 18th, Thursday, February 20th, and Monday February 24th. Classes will be held in our usual meeting room in Building 8, Room 201 from 7-9 p.m. The cost is $45 which includes the book, “The Beekeepers’ Handbook”, and dues to the club for the year. If one already owns the book, the cost for the classes is $35.

It is time to pay club dues for 2020. The cost is $25 per family.

Election Time: We were not overwhelmed by nominations for any office. The board of 2019 was re-elected. President-Richard Farrier; Vice-President-Mona Kanner; Treasurer-Laura Evans; Secretary-Anna Ashby; Library-Debbie Blando.

The club is looking into providing our own liability insurance. Currently we have insurance through the Oregon State Beekeepers Association.

Speaking of Oregon State Beekeepers Association, they are organizing both the state fair booth in August/September and the booth at Oregon Ag Fest in April. They will be asking for volunteers at the appropriate times, so keep tuned. These are excellent opportunities to put honey bees in a positive light and to engage the public.

News item #1: A new quarterly magazine launched this month (January 2020), 2 Million Blossoms, Protecting our Pollinators. Paul Jellum brought in the first issue, which we all agreed was beautiful and dubbed it a “travel magazine for bees”. One free subscription was part of the raffle.

Seen in the news:  Bee Culture’s Catch the Buzz had an article about the devastation to bees, both native and honey bees from wild fires in Australia. See Aussie Fires Destroy Bees.

Also from Bee Culture, EPA Approves a Fungicide Delivered by Honey Bees. “The fungicide, Clonostachys rosea strain CR-7 (also known as “Vectorite”), is aimed at protecting “high value” crops such as almonds, blueberries, strawberries and sunflowers.”

American Bee Journal let us know that the EPA proposes new wax moth control. The public comment period ended January 24th. The active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. Aizawai. This used to be legal, but currently is not available in the U.S. We are most anxious for this to become available again, as it kills waxmoth larvae, but is harmless to honey bees.

In December, the Washington State Department of Agriculture reported that they had received and verified 4 reports of Asian Giant Hornets near Blaine and Bellingham. These invasive hornets can kill an entire colony within a few hours. The link is to the WSDA webpage with more information and a request to report any Asian Giant Hornet sightings.

If you do not subscribe to one of the national bee magazines, you should. Both Bee Culture and American Bee Journal are worth every penny of their subscription prices. It is the best way to keep abreast with the latest information available in the beekeeping world.

Rich recommended that we read 2 articles from the December issue of ABJ:  Randy Oliver’s article on his progress report on extended release of oxalic acid and James D. Masucci’s, “Lessons Learned from Large Honey Bee Field Trials”. You will need to purchase the copy of the magazine or subscribe to the on-line version in order to read the articles.

Todd recommended that we read an article, “Working with Nature: Local Bees and the Best Way to Utilize Northern Queens”, by Kirk Webster, in the January issue of ABJ. Again subscribe in order to read the article, though it might eventually be on Mr. Webster’s website.

Debbie reported that Meduri Farms donated 43,563 pounds of sugar to the WVBA bees in 2019! Several people suggested that we create a plaque to give them. Todd and Rich are heading up this project. Laura will be sending them a donation letter for tax write-off purposes. Also the bumper sticker project is currently awaiting approval from Meduri Farms management.

2020 Bee prices: Terry Adams – $125/nuc

Coastal Farm Stores – $150/package

Flying Bee Ranch – $180/nuc with Kona queen

Glorybee – $155/package and $200/nuc and $43/queen

Hive and Garden – $179/nuc

Shonnards – $190-$210/nuc

We then abandoned serious business for pizza and a giant year-beginning raffle. Thank you to everyone who contributed raffle items.

Respectfully submitted

January 28, 2020. Anna Ashby, Secretary, Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association