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Thinking of Birthdays

The more I study beekeeping, the less I know, until, finally, I arrived – I know pretty much nothing. But, even though I know nothing, I still have plenty to unlearn. [Apologies to Charles Martin Simon] Okay, as one or two of my beekeeping friends might remember (and facebook  reminded you), …

Ventilating vs. Condensing Winter Colony

Conventional wisdom has been that beekeepers should avoid the accumulation of moisture at the colony top during winter. We need prevent droplets of condensate moisture accumulating at top of the colony. This can rain back down on the bee cluster creating a cycle of bees getting wet, the bees then …

WVBA managements as related to losseS

Twenty -two WVBA PNWhoneybeesurvey respondents supplied information about some managements they utilize for the PNW loss survey www.pnwhoneybeesurvey.com Respondents could select multiple options and there was always a none and other selection possible. One of the 22 survey respondents had over 20 colonies and had a heavy loss (68%) and …


In August a beekeeping word that comes to mind is robbing. If not already done, we might rob our bees in August,  when we harvest surplus honey. If we take too much, colonies might not survive winter. Other robbers are out there too – bees from other colonies might rob …

2 reports you might review

Rich had asked that I speak at the WVBA June picnic before it was cancelled due to the heat wave. I was going to discuss two new reports. Here is that information. New HBHC report on treating varroa mites The Guide to Varroa Mite Controls for Commercial Beekeeping Operations lays out a …

Overwinter loss 2020-2021

WVBA members were encouraged to complete a web-based survey document in a continuing effort to define overwintering losses/successes of backyard beekeepers in Oregon. This was the 12th year of such survey activity. I received 368 responses from OR backyarders, keeping anywhere from 1 to 40 colonies; Willamette Valley members sent …

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WVBA is a chapter of the Oregon State Beekeepers Association. We are grateful to Chemeketa Community College for allowing us to hold our meetings on their campus. The Oregon Master Beekeeper Program is a joint effort of the Oregon State Beekeepers Association and Oregon State University; we passionately support its mission.

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