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2023-24 Winter Loss Report

WVBA members are encouraged to complete a web-based survey document in a continuing effort to define overwintering losses/successes of backyard beekeepers in Oregon. This was the 15th year of such survey activity. I received 171 reports from Oregon beekeepers keeping anywhere from 1 to 41 colonies; Willamette Valley members sent…

PNW =honeybeesurvey OPEN

The pnwhoneybeesurvey is OPEN. The members of WVBA have been especially supportive of this annual survey of Oregon and Washington backyard beekeepers.  Please participate before May 1st @ https://pnwhoneybeesurvey.com/survey/   If you want a quicker survey experience please print the note sheet @ https://pnwhoneybeesurvey.com/notesheet/  which is a great tool just…

Bee nutrition – a great new guide

Just in time for our early season decision making on what is best to feed our bees is the latest release from the Honey Bee Health Coalition  Honey Bee Nutrition Guide .  https://honeybeehealthcoalition.org/nutritionguide/ The guide reviews the basic of bee nutrition and serves as a manual for supplemental feeding in bee…

Varroa control— what’s NEW?

The Varroa mite is a formidable foe? As my April PNW survey shows, our annual loses, most specialists agreeing due to varroa mites, continues around 40%. We need better tools (better bees/weaker mites/better controls) to combat the mite. Here are three promising developments that might help.   Weaker Mites: Greenlight…

In-Hive Drone Behavior

While the importance of the male drone is often dismissed, we can definately state that drones are important for a colony’s reproductive success. The virgin queen receives sperm from more than a single individual leading to diverse patrilines – a critical contribution for colony-level function. A study of a group…

Hawking wasps

There is a new pest in the US – the yellow-legged hornet Vespa velutina. It is a hawker.  Last month when I travelled to Georgia to assist with their Master Beekeeper training and speak at the Georgia fall statewide bee meeting, this new pest was the hot topic. New Discovery…

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Our Friends

WVBA is a chapter of the Oregon State Beekeepers Association. We are grateful to Chemeketa Community College for allowing us to hold our meetings on their campus. The Oregon Master Beekeeper Program is a joint effort of the Oregon State Beekeepers Association and Oregon State University; we passionately support its mission.

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