Swarm Plus DVD

DVD An incredible, up close look at the Amazing Honey Bee. This expertly done instructional DVD teaches the beekeeper about honey bee swarming and includes -- Nine Swarms, Feral colony, After the catch, Bee removal, Equipment, plus a Bonus video. The narrator demonstrates how to catch a variety … Read more about Swarm Plus DVD

More Than Honey DVD

Swiss filmmaker Markus Imhoof's provocative documentary probing the causes of honey bee decline was reviewed in LCBA's Nov & Dec 2013 newsletters: click here for Dr. Dewey Caron's review, & click here for LCBA's newsletter article. Click here to visit the More Than Honey homepage, which has … Read more about More Than Honey DVD

Organic Beekeeping 101! DVD

Randy Sue's DVD is perfect for those just starting out with beekeeping and for those wanting some great tips on how to keep bees organically. I had a chance to preview a good portion of this DVD at a beekeeper's meeting in my local homesteading group. Loved it! She made is look so easy. And the next … Read more about Organic Beekeeping 101! DVD

Scientific Queen Rearing

Interested in breeding your own queens? There is no need to struggle for years to learn the basics: G.M. Doolittle, the Father of Modern Queen Rearing, has done all the work for you! In his text, he will walk you through every aspect of preparing and raising queens, and will explain how the … Read more about Scientific Queen Rearing

Beekeeping: A Seasonal Guide

From the stirrings of spring and summer swarms to autumn honey harvest and winter protection, this essential resource guides both the aspiring and experienced beekeeper through every season of the bee-keeping year. Learn how to rear a queen, control a swarm, protect a hive, and keep bees healthy. … Read more about Beekeeping: A Seasonal Guide