Bee Management Made Easy

Bee Management Made Easy: The Rules for Successful Beekeeping By John M. Weeks Originally published in 1837 as “A Manual or an Easy Method of Managing Bees, in The Most Profitable Manner To Their Owner, With Infallible Rules to Prevent Their Destruction By The Moth, “Bee Management Made Easy … Read more about Bee Management Made Easy

A Year for Swarms

This has been the spring to start colonies by hiving a swarm. The mild winter meant fewer overwintering losses (see results for WVBA backyard beekeepers posted here and on together with our mild spring, providing abundant pollen and nectar foraging conditions, has resulted … Read more about A Year for Swarms

Urban Beekeeping by C. Hughes

Urban Beekeeping: A Guide to Keeping Bees in the City by Craig Hughes Now, more than ever before, is the time to keep honey bees. Taking you through the beekeepers year this book covers all the essential requirements for small-scale beekeeping and considers the advantages for urban bees over … Read more about Urban Beekeeping by C. Hughes