How many times have you heard/read the term FLATTEN THE CURVE in the last month? Well I guess the answer to ‘how many?’ depends on how much media/political time you do these days. As with all phrase simplifications of a complex concept, flatten the curve can mean different things to different … Read more about FLATTEN THE CURVE


I have received a very low response this year from WVBA members (<10) for the annual pnwhoneybeesurvey. It will only be up until end of day Friday May 1. Please if you have not yet had the opportunity won't you take a few minutes and add your overwintering success and management information so I … Read more about LAST FEW DAYS OF SURVEY

News from Bolivia

Many of you are aware that I winter 3 months in Bolivia, South America where my wife Nieves hails from. While here I do some bee classes and apiary visits. We have class beginning this Saturday in fact (it is summer her). I just finished an intense week of coarse and field work. Kerry Clark … Read more about News from Bolivia

Ready for winter?

How do you overwinter? What do you consider the greatest challenge to successful overwintering? 38 WVBA survey respondents reported average  overwintering losses of 46%, just two percentage points different from the 416 OR beekeeper average winter loss. As Figure 3 of the WVBA report illustrates … Read more about Ready for winter?

Bee loss update

The first posting on WVBA winter losses reported loss of 122 colonies = 46 % average loss, slightly lower than the statewide loss of 48%, which equals the highest for OR backyarders. The 46%loss was the highest WVBA level of the previous 4 years and 9.5% above the 4 year average.  The trend is … Read more about Bee loss update

Our Reluctant Spring

I hope your bees are OK despite our cool, wet spring weather. If you overwintered colonies from last year, PLEASE don’t forget to send in a survey to www.pnwhoneybeesurvey.com to report winter losses/survivorship and your managements for the past season. Survey is open until end of April. March … Read more about Our Reluctant Spring