Organic Beekeeping 101! DVD

Randy Sue’s DVD is perfect for those just starting out with beekeeping and for those wanting some great tips on how to keep bees organically. I had a chance to preview a good portion of this DVD at a beekeeper’s meeting in my local homesteading group. Loved it! She made is look so easy. And the next time I went into my hive, I felt so much more confident and relaxed… I think the bees knew I was okay to be in there with them!
Randy Sue’s not going to show you how to use conventional treatments for things like Varroa mites, but she will show you how to set your hive up and get started, basic equipment, capturing a swarm, inspecting your hive, and some other “must know” information for the beginner.
She also has a sister site ( where she sells a new type of hive… the Hex Hive. This is more than just a little hobby for Randy Sue! I love how she is trying to think like a bee and know their “bee-ness” (how God created them). The thought that has gone into this hive is impressive!