2nd Annual Mite-a-Thon

The 2nd annual Mite-a-Thon is a Citizen Science Project of NAPPC (North American  Pollinator Protection Campaign) http://www.pollinator.org/miteathon, with support of HBHC (Honey Bee Health Coalition) http:// www.honeybehealthcoalition.org  and the BIP (Bee Informed Project) http://www.beeinformed.org. The Mite-a-Thon is a coordinated effort to provide a “snapshot” of mite numbers during September across the U.S.

Mite-a-Thon goals are 1) to raise awareness about honey bee colony varroa mite infestation levels and 2)Teach testing protocols and provide resources for positive, proactive varroa mite management strategies.

Participants are asked to sample their hive(s) for varroa mites between


                   And then enter sampling results on Mitecheck www.mitecheck.com

MItecheck www.mitecheck.com is an online platform that allows beekeepers to enter their sampling counts of Varroa destructor mites after monitoring using either powdered sugar roll or alcohol wash. (See Tools for Varroa Mite Management Guide for sampling information and video (free download http://www.honeybeehealth coalition.org/varroa/). Participating in this online platform will provide critical information about overall health of bees. The greater the participation will enable us to see seasonal and geographic trends in mite populations across the country. This information might help develop more effective mite management strategies and better understand the risk of mites coming into colonies from other colonies in your area.

Need more information? Contact http://www.miteathon@pollinator.org or me dmcaron@udel.edu