October in the Northwest Apiary

Hopefully you have been caring for your honeybees in the last couple of months, because time is running out.  Winter weather will be upon us before long. Continue to feed sugar syrup, although soon enough the bees will stop taking the syrup.  When they do, stop feeding and clean out the feeders. If you have …

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August in the Northwest Apiary

Much of the flora has begun to dry out. Some beekeepers are seeing some attempted robbing by the bees when the hive is open. This is a good time to place robbing screens on the hives. There is more of chance that robbing will occur when there is an abundance of hives in a centralized area. Robbing instinct is also hereditary.

July in the Northwest Apiary

Things will begin to dry out this month. For those in the cities, you can still rely on people’s yards and gardens. Folks in the city seem to water to some degree. For those in the rural areas, pumpkin fields will provide a good source of nectar. Also areas where farmers are irrigating pastures there will be a good nectar source from sub-clover.