Bee Management Made Easy

Bee Management Made Easy: The Rules for Successful Beekeeping
By John M. Weeks

Originally published in 1837 as “A Manual or an Easy Method of Managing Bees, in The Most Profitable Manner To Their Owner, With Infallible Rules to Prevent Their Destruction By The Moth, “Bee Management Made Easy expertly demonstrates everything that you need to know to raise bees and harvest honey from your own hive. “The following work is comprised in a set of plain, concise rules, by which, if strictly adhered to and practiced, any person, properly situated, may cultivate bees, and avail himself of all the benefits of their labors. If the Apiarian manages strictly in accordance with the following rules, the author feels confident that no colony will ever materially suffer by the moth, or will ever be destroyed by them. The author is aware of the numerous treatises published on this subject; but they appear to him, for the most part, to be the result not so much of experience as of vague and conjectural speculation, and not sufficiently embodying what is practical and useful.”
CONTENTS I. On the construction of the hive Rule II. On swarming and hiving Rule III. On ventilating Rule IV. On preventing robberies Rule V. On equalizing colonies, by doubling, trebling, &c Rule VI. On removing honey Rule VII. The method of compelling swarms to make extra Queens, and keep them for the use of their owner Rule VIII. On supplying swarms with Queens, when necessary Rule IX. On multiplying colonies to any desirable extent, without swarming Rule X. On preventing the depredations of the moth Rule XI. On feeding Rule XII. On wintering Rule XIII. On transferring bees from one hive to another XIV. General Observations.
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