Honey Bee Removal: A Step by Step Guide
by Cindy Bee, Bill Owens , Kim Flottum , Kathy Summers &, Cindy Hodges (Illistrators)

Honey Bee Removal is the only book of its kind. Never has the information this book contains been more in demand. Safely removing bees from structures is a skill, and art, a science, a craft and a service to the community. And never has the information this book offers been gathered with such precision, elegance and dedication. In fact, the information in this book has never been gathered all in one place.
But now it has. And by two people who are masters of their craft. It’s about time.
Three events have collided to form a perfect storm for the bee removal business.
First the spread of the Africanized Honey Bees continues. Willing to call almost anywhere or anyplace home, these bees have come to inhabit structures that never before had honey bee occupants. Because an established nest is an immediate threat to people who live in these places, to their pets and livestock, and public at large, the need for skilled, safe and rapid removal has never been greater.
Second, the rise of urban beekeeping. In the past few years many municipalities have changed the rules about keeping bees within their borders. This has opened a flood gate of new beekeepers in urban and suburban areas that have not seen bees, beekeepers or honeybee colonies in decades. Of course bees do what they have always done, and springtime swarming is a given, now greatly reinforced by all the new bees and their inexperienced keepers.And many of these swarms find new homes in unwelcome places