Honey: Nature’s Golden Healer

A comprehensive introduction to the “nectar of the gods.”
With increasing numbers of people ditching drugs for natural healing, Honey: Nature’s Golden Healer is a timely look at how the beehive can help us look and feel better. Highlighted with hundreds of vivid color photographs, the book explains how honey is made and describes the complex lives of honeybees, beehive architecture and the sophisticated social structure of beehives. Novice beekeepers will find enough reliable information to get started on a small scale.
Honey examines the beneficial properties of honey and other bee products, such as propolis, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax, and explains how to collect and use them. The book includes recipes for homemade remedies, luxurious beauty formulas and delicious treats.
The critical role of honeybees in agriculture
The many types and colors of honey
Raw honey
How honey compares to sugar
Preserving with honey
Honey’s antibacterial properties and how they work
Honey as a neutraceutical (a foodstuff with medicinal properties)
Bee sting therapy
The benefits of propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly
Honey in cooking and baking.
This informative and illuminating book shows the links between honey and good health and why protecting the threatened populations of honeybees is important not only for their own survival, but for human longevity.