General Meeting Minutes January 29, 2019

Willamette Valley Beekeepers Assn.

General Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:05 by President Rich Farrier. He reminded us that the club subsidizes the cost for refreshments, but donations, either cash or food, are welcome and help stretch the refreshment budget. Speaking of refreshments, the refreshment czarina, Terry Holm, needs someone to substitute for her when she is gone on fall hunting trips.

Treasurer’s report: Laura reported income for 2018 of $2,795, expenses of 2,789.63. Whew, we ended the year in the black. The current bank balance is $6000+.

Library report: Instead of lugging the heavy bins of books to and fro monthly, Debbie is going digital. She will scan the cover of each book and write an accompanying description. This information will be on the website. Club members who want to borrow books need to look at the list prior to the meeting then request them. Debbie will bring those few books to the meeting. Her back, her husband, and her car shocks will all be in a better state of mind as a result. Rich picked up “A Book of Bees” by Sue Hubbell, who recently passed away. It is an informative and enjoyable book about beekeeping before Varroa destructor, which is now in the club library.

Elections: There was overwhelming silence when new nominations were called for. So by unanimous consent, (moved by Jim Corcoran and seconded by Maryann Beirne), the following people were elected.

President – Rich Farrier

Vice-President – Mona Kanner

Treasurer – Laura Evans

Secretary – Anna Ashby

Librarian – Debbie Blando


  1. Flying Bee Ranch in the Salem area will have nucs for sale, $155 each with a $35 deposit. On-line pre-orders are available at
  2. Coastal Farms will have package bees either with Carniolan or Italian queens for $155.
  3. Thad Starr of Starr Farms Queens will have queens and nucs again this year. He has Italian, Carniolan, and mite-biter queens. Queens start at $32 and nucs start at $145.
  4. Joe Hansen’s Foothills Honey Company is offering nucs at $120 ea. There was some discussion whether the club wanted to put together a bulk order. The club’s concern was the time and gas expense for the club president. No action was taken.
  5. Steven Coffman of Coffman Farms will be selling nucs through a middleman this year to avoid the headaches that developed last year.
  6. John Edwards of Ruhl Bee has reopened the business as Hive and Garden. He is currently open one day a week. He will have nucs and bee equipment.
  7. We will have a booth at Ag Fest, April 27-28, at the State Fair grounds. A sign-up sheet went around. This is an excellent public education opportunity.
  8. Bee school is upcoming, February 14, 19, 21, and club meeting on 25th. The cost is $45 which includes the excellent book, “The Beekeeper’s Handbook”, 4th Rich and Anna will be teaching the class again this year.

In other news: As reported in “Catch the Buzz” from “Bee Culture” magazine:  A UK-Italian business has developed an insecticide made from olive oil. This insecticide, “FLiPPER®, is a natural, environment and bee-friendly organic insecticide derived from the natural by-product of extra virgin olive oil.” It is used on soft bodied insects such as aphids, whiteflies, thrips, etc. It is not used as a honey bee miticide.

Also reported in “Catch the Buzz”, researchers” at University of Helsinki have developed the first edible vaccine against microbial infections”. The vaccine is administered in a sugar patty. The first one they are working on is a vaccine that inoculates honey bees against American foulbrood. There is much work that still needs to be done before this could become commercially available.

Final report from “Catch the Buzz”, “researchers from University of California, Riverside found that viruses associated with Varroa mites have spilled over into the western yellowjacket”. It’s just another reason to keep Varroa mites under control in our hives.

Meeting was then adjourned for the annual pizza feed along with the huge raffle prize extravaganza.


Anna Ashby,
WVBA Secretary
January 29, 2019