A Note From the President by Rich Farrier

Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association (WVBA) Established in 1967.

Our October and November meetings will be held in Building 9, Room 115 at Chemeketa Community College.  Our speaker for October will be presenting on the subject of mead.

Photo taken by Trevor Riches
Photo taken by Trevor Riches

The 2015 Oregon State Fair was a big hit.  The booth was visited by thousands of fair goers.  It seemed that both the volunteers and fair goers had a great time at the bee booth.  I did find it interesting that several visiting beekeepers turned out to be in the category of people who disregard their bees.  Two couples haven’t even checked their bees since they installed them back in April (OH MY!).  There were many great questions from fair goers.  It seems they have some knowledge of honeybees these days.   I was thrilled to see that there were more beeswax, bee photos, and honey entries than in the past several years.

2015 Oregon State Fair Winners

Class                                        1st Place                  2nd Place                  3rd Place

Extracted Honey Light        Shelley Gowell       Gene Doyle               Mark Minzlaff

Extracted Honey Amber     Shelley Gowell      Gene Doyle               Mark Horner

Extracted Honey Dark        Amber Reese          Steven Coffman      Kerry Haskins

Extracted Honey Youth      Aliza Stapleton       Zane Minzlaff          Beatrice Stapleton

Extracting Frame                 Rob Dellenback      Shelley Gowell

Chunk Honey Jar                 Judy Scher

Beeswax Block                      Mark Minzlaff          Gene Doyle              Ciera Wilson

Beeswax Candle                    Steven Coffman       Ciera Wilson

Beekeeping Photo                 Esme Weil                David Matis

Beekeeping Photo                  Tyler Lazz                Jacob Weil               Esme Weil

Beekeeping Photo Youth      Zirk Weil

Comb Honey Square             Judy Scher

Comb Honey Round             Ciera Wilson

I have immense gratitude for all who planned and set-up the booth;  Trevor Riches (Chair, OSBA Fair and Events Committee), Todd Bartlem, Fred Mann, Bunny Carter, and Dewey Caron.  It was a wonderful and professional exhibit.  I know each of these people have spent a great deal of their own money on fuel, time, and supplies.  Much time was spent at meetings and planning.  It’s great to have a crew of professionals that make things happen.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that managed the exhibit.  It’s great that beekeepers from many of the beekeeping associations step up and volunteer their precious time.  Thank You !!!

Bob Allen                     Paul Anderson            Gus Arzner              Anna Ashby

Troy Bany                    Todd Bartlem              Daren Beck             Jody Beck

Victor Berthelsdorf    Sally Bozarth               Scott Branch           Dale Bryant

Susan Bryant               Adrianna Busby          Mike Card               Dewey Caron

Bunny Carter               Grace Clark                  Jeff Clark                 Monica Clark

Arthur Cocker             Veronica Cocker          Jim Colter                Kathy Cope

Emily Cross                 Heather Dawson          Pam Derrickson     Dave Downs

Marjorie Ehry              Barbara Elliot              Laura Evens            Rebecca Fain

Bob Falconer               Jessie Farrier               Rich Farrier             Nate Ferguson

Mike France                 Terry Fullan                 Warren Gookin       Shelley Gowell

Jeff  Hall                       Alicia Hamilton           Herman Holm        Terry Holm

Dave Howard               Alexander Howitt       Dianne Hutto           Jay Irvin

Bret Jensen                   Cheryl Jordan             Jack Jordan              Lydia Juhasz

Ray Juhasz                     Everett Kaser             Bonnie King              Beverley Koch

Ray Krass                        Brian Kruse                Billie Kuenzi             Max Kuhn

Pamela Larsen               Fred Mann                  Mark Manthey         Wendi Manthey

Suzi Maresh                   Dawn Marks               Richard Marks          Art Martinak

John Martinson             David Matis               Delsey Maus              Jamie McGee

Jeremy Mitchell             Louise Nardi              Cary Nodine             Craig Nodine

Randy Nodyke                Karen Oda                  Stephen Oda             Rick Olson

Alden Potter                    Kristin Rifai               Amber Reese            Lil Reitzel

Bob Richard                    Kristen Richard         Jim Robb                  Dennis Robbins

Camila Robinson           Francis Rothauge       Kristen Saxton         Stan Scotton

Diana Scoville                Larry Scoville               Margie Seeley          Larry Seeley

Steve Soma                     Mike Standing             Kate Wagner            Eric Walls

Kristen Walls                 Jeff Warren                  Sally White               Jodi Wiktotowski

Ember Williams            Renea Williams           Zach Williams          Robert Williams

George Woodward        Tim Wydronek            Leticia Yniguez         Linda Zah


Ruhl Bee Supply, a division of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, has opened their new store at 29600 SW Seely Ave., Suite B, Wilsonville, OR  97070.  They offer free shipping on an order over 150 dollars.  Their phone number is:  503-657-5399.

Thank you to Farrier Farms for their donation of a new double stainless steel sieve to WVBA.

Continue to monitor the varroa mites in your hives.  Varroa mites have been far too prolific in most hives this year.  Did your treatment work?  Did your hive(s) get reintroduced to mites from drifting, robbing, etc?  If you are feeding, discontinue the feeding of liquid syrup.  If you need to feed, then feed fondant or a mixture of half drivert sugar and half granulated sugar.  Just place this mixture on wax paper on the top of the hive.

Cheers, Rich