Oregon Coast at Beverly Beach
Oregon Coast at Beverly Beach

We have been fortunate that it has been a warm fall.  Or are we fortunate?  How much of their stores or feed have the bees eaten?  It seems like it has been a long and dry summer.  Our tasks in the bee hive are fewer, so now is the time to get signed up for Oregon State Beekeepers Association’s Fall Conference at Seaside.  This conference isn’t just for the commercial and sideliner beekeeper.  The hobbyist can learn and continue their education in the art of beekeeping.

The holidays are nearing, so now is the time to think about how you can use your harvest from the beehive to provide gifts for family and friends.  There are a number of possibilities such as:  honey, candles, ornaments, mead, soap, lotions, salves, creams, balms, ointments, shoe waterproofing, and furniture polish.  If you don’t have enough of an ingredient such as beeswax, perhaps a fellow beekeeper will sell you some.  Don’t forget to include some packets of bee friendly flower or herb seeds.  Perhaps a flowering tree would make a great gift.  Have you ever tasted Black Locust honey?

As the work in the hive has slowed down, you might feel comfortable giving a presentation to a school classroom.  This is a great opportunity to promote beekeeping and educate the students about bees.  If you are enrolled in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program, you would earn some points.

The subject of hive identification has come up again in out area.  There was a time when beekeepers didn’t seem to want people to know whose hives are setting there.  I don’t know if they were thinking that someone would sue them if they got stung or what?  It would be very difficult for someone to prove that they got stung by a honeybee from one of your hives.  We have had two situations where a  land owner thought that hives on their property were abandoned or estray.  It would be best to have identification on the hives if you have placed them on property other than your own.  Should the property owner ask that the hives be moved off  the property, in order to maintain a positive relationship, please move them in a timely fashion.  Thank you.

As promised, here is a list of all the volunteers that worked booth duty at the 2014 Oregon State Fair.  Many thanks to each and everyone of you.

Adelle Platt, Aggie Blackmer, Alva Fong, Amber Reese, Anita Thew, Art Martinak, Arthur Cocker, Barbara Elliot, Bassam Khalifeh, Ben Lepp, Beth Voss, Bev Koch, Bill Wylie, Bob Falconer, Brenda Scotton, Bret Jenson, Camilla Echeverria, Cary Nodine, Ciera Wilson, Craig Nodine, David Downs, Deb VanCuren, Debby Garman, Delsey Maus, Dennis Robbins, Dianne Hutto, Donna Maresh, Douglas Vincent, Earl Reeves, Everett Kaser, Francis Rothauge, Fred Mann, Fred VanNatta, Gary Morgan, Gene Doyle, George Woodward, Grace Clark, Gus Arzner, Helen McConnell, Henry Condron, James Platt, Jan Petree, Janet Shea, Jeff Clark, Jeff Hall, Jeremy Mitchell, Joe Maresh, Joyce Martinak, Karen Oda, Karessa Torgerson, Karla Verbeck, Kathy Cope, Ken Phillips, Kerry Haskins, Kristal Salladay, Kristin Rifai, Larry Seeley, Lil Reitzel, Linda Zielinski, Marc Crump, Mark Manthey, Mark Ross, Mary Ann Beirne, Mary Garcia, Max Kuhn, Melissa McLaughlin, Michael Babbitt, Michael Carlson, Michael Harrington, Mike Standing, Mona Kanner, Monica Clark, Nancy Vallereux, Pam Arion, Paul Anderson, Paul Maresh, Phyllis Shoemake, Renea Williams, Robert Allen, Robert Williams, Roxanne Weaver, Sahar Kharlifeh, Scott Branch, Sheila Reeves, Shelley Gowell, Sonya Kyllo,  Stan Scotton, Steve Matrix, Steve Oda, Steven Coffman, Susan Navrotsky, Suzanne Brean, Suzi Maresh, Tegan Conklin, Tim Wessels, Tim Wydronek, Todd Bartlem, Tom Chester, Troy Bany, Trevor and Sierra Riches, Veronica Cocker, Wendi Manthey, Zack Williams, Zaine Khalifeh.

Cheers, Rich

Photo taken by Trevor Riches
Photo taken by Trevor Riches

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