Mite-a-Thon Sept 9-16

The “new” beekeeping calls for the need to sample bees in August, September and October to see how they are doing at keeping varroa mite populations in check. If mite numbers exceed 2-3%, it is suggested that due to risk of  poor overwintering of the colony, colony loss (to BEE PMS) overwinter or the chance of a “mite bomb”( a colony with excessively high  numbers of mites, causing spread to other healthier colonies) that control of mites be practiced.

All bee colonies now have or will have bee mites. Beekeepers need know HOW MANY mites are in colonies under their stewardship. This can only be determined by sampling colonies for mites.

The 1st Mite-A-Thon, is a Citizen Science Project of NAPPC (No American Pollinator Protection Campaign)  with support of Honey Bee Health Coalition (HBHC)  and the BeeInformed Project ( It seeks to encourage more effective beekeeper sampling and sharing of results via MiteCheck (

It will take place Saturday, September 9 to Saturday, September 16, 2017

All you need do is test the level of mites present in your hives per 100 adult bees using one of two mite sampling protocols – either alcohol wash or powdered sugar roll. For detailed information on how to do sugar or alcohol mite sampling view the Honey Bee Health Coalition Tools for Varroa Mite Management Guide (download guide free from  with accompanying videos). You can easily make your own mite test materials or if you prefer purchase a mite sampling kit online from the University of Minnesota ( or from Mann Lab Bee supplies.

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