Oh YES he CAN, He’s our Fred Mann

The recent successful Bee booth at 150th Oregon State Fair is now history. Although nine local bee associations each helped cover a day at the fair, WVBA members play a dominant role each year in establishing, peopling and making the Bee Booth a reality. The organizing committee thanks once again all WVBAers who were a part of our booth to help answer the questions of the general public and enlighten them about honey bees.

Rich Farrier and family were booth volunteers and we once again used donations from Rich, including his demonstration of the colors of honey, to share with the fair-goers. Steve Coffman supplied the bees for the two Ulster Observation hives. Trevor Riches and Todd Bartlem drove into Salem every other day to switch out the observation hive and floral displays. Both also did the housekeeping as well as provided the design concept (after which Bunny set us straight). Trevor was exceptional working for the entire year (long meetings) on the new fair committee looking out for our best interests. Several WVBA members entered the honey show – one of the best in recent memory.

But we feel one WVBA member in particular, Fred Mann, deserves special mention and accolades. As in past years Fred was at the fair all but a day or two manning the booth. He is our master go-to person during fair set up and disassembly. He has a way to fasten, fix, take-apart or build anything we needed. Fred with his drill (screwgun) is a sight to behold. He is the youngest 80 year old we know as he leaves the rest of us in his dust.

In recognition of his efforts Todd, Bunny, Trevor and Dewey (the Committee) presented Fred with our GOLDEN SCREWGUN AWARD at the September WVBA monthly meeting. Todd mounted a “golden” drill on to a Brushy 8-frame bottom board and added an engraved plaque:

For your dedication to the promotion of Oregon Beekeeping by your friends and co-conspirators on the OSBA Fair and Events Committee   Bunny Dewey  Todd  Trevor   September 2015

Fred Mann award

Todd, Bunny and Dewey added to Fred’s embarrassment by reciting a little poem (our sincerest apologies to true poets) called “Ode to Our Fred Mann” with thanks to members joining in to chant the refrain.

Who’s in demand…when swarms are at hand?  Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Who can cut a swarm from a wall…with no effort at all?  Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Whose face lights with joy….when he builds a better hive toy?  Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

But don’t ya think Fred with no beard …is still kind of weird?    Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Who is young at heart…no way an old fart?    Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Whose little red truck…seems to bring us good luck?    Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Whose patience and calm…makes beeks and bees get along?  Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Who lends a hand….when others just stand?    Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Who’s always here when you need a repair…and at the State Fair? Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann

Whose screwgun of gold….is a joy to behold?    Oh YES he Can, he’s our Fred Mann.